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Camry running rough. Have to floor gas pedal to get gas and start moving. Check engine light has been on for a while. I thought it was water in gas, freezing, as it has been very cold. Put 2 bottles of dry gas in, n...
My car starts ok and will not die any other time, but as soon as I go a gas station and refuel my tank the problem will start. What i use to do is to do is to rev the car and lead the gear before the rpm gets below 10...
I was told by a repair shop that was the source of my oil leak
installed new brake switch,no change could it be a bad bulb?
pushed car into driveway and a few hours later it started? Any ideas or has anybody experienced a problem like this?
After my car turned off while driving I smelt electronics/wires burning. I just replaced the ignition motor and still it won't turn on, no lights no crank absolutely nothing. I checked the batter it was good I am chec...
It goes to 500 rpm then when i put it in drive and press the gas pedal it kicks into gear and just takes off then i dont have the problem until i turn it off again. But now the engine is whinding then it stops for a s...
will start after 7,8 tries, after I move stick from Park to Neutral, no noise, then a turn,,then starts, getting more frequent "No starts" Local mech. said that year has no codes for this
Is there anyone who had this code come up before and what did you do to fix it?
Relay in drivers kick panel clicks when pushing hazard switch also when you activate either turn signal.No lights light with either function.