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car now moves a little distance and the gear disengages. I will off ignition and start again after a little distance, the same thing happens. please what is wrong?
I can get the timing marks with 5 degrees +\-, but cannot get it on the dot. Which is better, 5 degree advanced or 5 retarded?
bought this car 2 weeks ago and the key number is in the booklet.
Someone was changing the plug wires and mixed them up. I could use a diagram or firing order to make sure they're o correct.
The good news is that is has 46,500 miles. (Odometer certified). The bad news is that it has 46,500 miles on it. (I'm sure it did a lit of sitting). The Carfax report had it in Iowa the entire time. Given the car is 1...
Just changed waterpump, timing belt, cam shaft, crank shaft seal. The car will crank but then it cuts off. Looked at the gas needle and it will not drop when the car is cut off it still sits at a half of tank of gas. ...
Date 1/16/15 I bought this car at 85k, now has 250 k, and have never adjusted the valves. Engine run strong and gets great mileage. Do I really need to adjust the valves?
When I insert the key, it just turns without making the ggggrrrr sound. Light is getting on, heater is working. I drove th car ten mins back and parked the car. IN 10 mins, when I tried to start, it is not starting.