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my mechanic is trying to fix my car but the anti-lock brake system is still on he doesn't know how to turn it off so now my car would not come on
My car started off not shifting gears. It's an automatic. Nothing on the dash worked at all. Got that working and now my car will not stay running after it's crunk.
i turned it off and it wont start again i replaced the fuel pump ,its got fire and fuel and compression but dont start
the car accelerates and decelerates on its own the brakes also are malfunctioning. the problem occurred today and it was scary. also it seems like the electrical system went haywire.
My driver side door won't lock nor open if I try to lock or unlock it from inside withbunlock button from the door. And my remote for the remote-start is not working. How can I get another remote? How much does i...
This is the first time and did change fuel pump when it started? I was told that this is the problem
car will start then i start driving an am-2 fuse will blow and shuts off engine and engine will not start put in new fues then engine starts and i can drive car but never know when it will blow again