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When the car sits for a couple of days and you start the car and you shift the transmission to drive or reverse the motor needs to run a bit before the transmission will engage. If we drive the car on a regular ba...
it just turns over and over i replaced the fuel pump but it still dont start it got fire and fuel and compression
When i break my car turn off And the enginelight and oil fuels motor light And why my baterie light is on ?
It misses especially after driving awhile. Its rpms below 1000 while stopped and it gets worse in gear. In neautral it levels rpm 800-1000? Where should I start? also affecting mpg
A leak in the brake hydraulic system
catylitic conv.glowed red ,,i checked it today and it was not damaged ,,also put new spark plugs,,,,could it be sensor or ign.coil i dont have the cash to take to shop
When am going up a hill and I accelerate, the gear takes a while to change and when it does, it jerks forward and at times it acts as if it will cease moving
I'm trying to replace the oil sending unit on my 98 Camry, which is on the front of the engine above the crank shaft position sensor. My 22mm deep socket fits the new one perfectly, but I can't get the old one out! ...
We just replaced the radiator what would cause total loss of fluid in the radiator
trying to figuire out where this ticking sound is coming from
need to remove the motor mount because the axle is stuck. trying to replace the axle