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It misses especially after driving awhile. Its rpms below 1000 while stopped and it gets worse in gear. In neautral it levels rpm 800-1000? Where should I start? also affecting mpg

A leak in the brake hydraulic system

catylitic conv.glowed red ,,i checked it today and it was not damaged ,,also put new spark plugs,,,,could it be sensor or ign.coil i dont have the cash to take to shop

When am going up a hill and I accelerate, the gear takes a while to change and when it does, it jerks forward and at times it acts as if it will cease moving

I'm trying to replace the oil sending unit on my 98 Camry, which is on the front of the engine above the crank shaft position sensor. My 22mm deep socket fits the new one perfectly, but I can't get the old one out! I removed the alternator to have better access to it and was able to get the wiring harness off, but my 22, 23 and 15/16 deep well sockets won't go on the old one.

Two things about the old one:
1. Looks like it's either been stripped or that its actually round with 2 flat sides to grab (not like a std. 6-sided nut).
2. Its seems like its a good bit bigger (diameter) than the new one.

Does anyone know what size it is, or if it needs a special tool to remove it? I asked AutoZone if they had a tool for it, but they said there wasn't one. I've tried getting a set of channel lock plier on they to see if I could turn it, but had no luck. Any help would be great. Thanks

We just replaced the radiator what would cause total loss of fluid in the radiator

trying to figuire out where this ticking sound is coming from

need to remove the motor mount because the axle is stuck. trying to replace the axle

I took off my alternator without unhookon the battery. Ok stupid. So when I did the alt cable hit the frame and sparked a bit. When I put the alternator back on I went to crank the car and the instrument panel and radio and clock won't cone one. The shifter is stuck in park. The only fuse blown is the alternator fuse. could it do all that damage. I need help asap.

After I replaced my headlights, the left front marker bulb didn't work. When I played with the bulb it would go on and off. I tried to pry the prongs up and then all of my marker and tail lights quit working. I'm thinking I shorted something.

All other lights (Dash, inside overhead, blinker, headlights, back-up and brake) all work fine. Fuses in engine compartment are fine.

For about a year now, every time I fill up my gas tank, no matter the volume, my car will choke and stall out as the RPMs will rapidly fluctuate. This will happen for about the first 60 miles to a new tank of gas, and then no longer happen. When I get more gas at the pump, the process starts all over. No mechanic I talk to has ever heard of this happening or what would cause it.

the car accelerates and decelerates on its own the brakes also are malfunctioning. the problem occurred today and it was scary. also it seems like the electrical system went haywire.