We just replaced the radiator what would cause total loss of fluid in the radiator

trying to figuire out where this ticking sound is coming from

need to remove the motor mount because the axle is stuck. trying to replace the axle

I took off my alternator without unhookon the battery. Ok stupid. So when I did the alt cable hit the frame and sparked a bit. When I put the alternator back on I went to crank the car and the instrument panel and radio and clock won't cone one. The shifter is stuck in park. The only fuse blown is the alternator fuse. could it do all that damage. I need help asap.

After I replaced my headlights, the left front marker bulb didn't work. When I played with the bulb it would go on and off. I tried to pry the prongs up and then all of my marker and tail lights quit working. I'm thinking I shorted something.

All other lights (Dash, inside overhead, blinker, headlights, back-up and brake) all work fine. Fuses in engine compartment are fine.

For about a year now, every time I fill up my gas tank, no matter the volume, my car will choke and stall out as the RPMs will rapidly fluctuate. This will happen for about the first 60 miles to a new tank of gas, and then no longer happen. When I get more gas at the pump, the process starts all over. No mechanic I talk to has ever heard of this happening or what would cause it.

the car accelerates and decelerates on its own the brakes also are malfunctioning. the problem occurred today and it was scary. also it seems like the electrical system went haywire.

Have no engine check light on my Camry can you help :-)

My driver side door won't lock nor open if I try to lock or unlock it from inside withbunlock button from the door.

And my remote for the remote-start is not working. How can I get another remote? How much does it cost?

Is anyone know the best seller/stores that sells oem cat converter for 1998 Toyota camry v6?

My trac control light stays on. I tried to off it fron the control button but doesn't off. Iit was on beforeni have my rotors and brake pads changed.. what can cause this?

Does anyone know how much it cost to replace catalyst converter on 1998 Toyota camry v6

PLEASE advise known problems or faults , is it likely to be a solenoid, or a sensor , its travelled 250000km,

engine makes a rattling noise when running but if I take out the spark plugs and turn over with just starter no noise, removed valve cover cams look good and all 4 pistons move when starter engaged. also noticed spark jumping between 2 plug wires on 1 of the coils