It feels like its not getting gas. Like it can't breath in a way

Last week my car wouldn't start in the morning. Hours later it cranked right up with no jump. Yesterday morning the car wouldn't start. Tried to jump it at lunch and nothing. Jumped again after work and it cranked right up. Drove it around last night to run errands with no problems. This morning, it won't start again. I get a clicking sound but the engine won't turn over. Battery has been checked and checked out at 66%.

There are no diagnostic codes no dealer codes no oil in the water but there is a oil leak on the back of motor

When the ignition is turned to start, nothing happens. The car alarm will intermittently go off. The battery is good.
There is no started click

I drive 45 miles to work. 88 out today. Car lost power 4 times. Pulled off-road , waited1-2 minutes and it would start and go for about 5-6 more miles and do it again. Does it need new spark plugs, coil packs, oxygen sensor? Can a shop test it and see? Seems like fuel or air problem? I replaced. The fuel pump and filter just 3. Weeks ago

Showed egr code at autozone. Smoking like mosquito sprayer and runs weak. Cleaned egr valve well. was wondering if it was valve position sensor or temp sensor.

where is the camshaft position sensor?

It shimmys when braking above 45 mph, i have only changed the right side front which is where the shimmy seems to be coming from. It shakes the steering wheel. I thought the rotor was warped but it is still happening, any ideas?

if I unplug the wire harness from the neutral safety switch then its ok so I assume the switch was bad but it keeps happening. When this happen the alternator,the odometer, heater gauge does not work. (the whole instrument cluster)

Zip code 29303

my mechanic is trying to fix my car but the anti-lock brake system is still on he doesn't know how to turn it off so now my car would not come on