1998 Toyota Camry Questions

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when i try to startup the car engine revovles but it wont start, just keeps rolling. also inoticed the engine indicator dosnet come on when i turn on ignition but all other indicators (battery, oil, doors, airbags etc ) come on

How I can explain? Okay. I just replaced the ball joints. During installation the axes are out, I put in place and now the car is not moving.

Is it the switch or a fuse or vent module.

Nothing else works. Can't even put car in gear. Help!

Last month I spent 1,115.98 replacing a timing belt, water pump, other belts, crank shaft gear and sensor, . Last night I had no oil in my car and the oil pump now has to be replaced. I have 117,000 miles on it. Between last year and this year I have replaced , rear struts, exhaust system, battery, 4 tires, R&R thermostat and gasket,front brake pads and rotor,resonator assembly,wiper blades (3 times), and labor for everything listed. Is this normal? Do I need to sell? I have been going to the same garage. Thanks

I have a 98 Camry and the fuel pump is not turning on I replace it and the new pump is still not getting any power I will like to change the fuel pump relay but I do not know where to find it

Idle seems low, stalls out easily. Car accelerates smoothly and runs smoothly at all speeds except idle, where it is likely to stall. Check engine light still on after approx 60 miles of variable speed driving.