Im having problems with the key. I think i need to purchase a new Key cylinder but i wanna make sure. The key will not turn to the acc. position i have tried moving steering wheel, putting vechile on neutral but the key hessitates. After soo many tries it eventually turns. Should i try spraying WD40? or replace the key cylinder. How much does a key cylinder cost and where can i get one.

The air now blows out the front vents but it won't switch to defrost.I removed the controls they seem to be working correctly. How do i figure out what the problem is? What actually changes the air from defrost to forward to feet? How can i fix it?

My passenger door on my 1998 Toyota Camry won't open from the outside. How can i repair it myself

Why does the heater motor shake when I put the heat on high on my 1998 Toyota Camry?

I have already taken it to the dealer and they are recommending replacment of the right strut mounts, can YOU give me a fair extimate?

i need to know what kind of belt i can use to bypass the ac in the car. i cant afford to replace the ac compressor nor do i know how. also is there any place that will have instructions on how to by pass the ac compressor all together

Heater blower fan only works on high replaced the switch and same thing happens any thoughts

just started

oil pressure light came on put 2 quarts oil in came right out

The interior door lock(outside key lock also), Dome light and clock quit after being parked 28 hrs..Check engine light is not on.Could it be a fuse or what? Thaks

how often should my car be tuned up

what is the life of a timing chain

ok i have 1998 camry - has rattle - when hit bump - on front end - changed complete struts - as mechanic said it was the strut bearing - good for about 200 miles - brakes look fine - tie rod ends look good - and sway bar pins look good what else can i look for - noise only occurs when hitting a bump

Whwn I brake hard, I hear a clunking or knocking noise coming from the left side front end. Could this be a bushing ? if so which one?