My timing belt "slipped" on my car and the repair shop wants $750 to replace the belt and all the components that are ran by the belt. Mechanic says that the head gasket may have been affected and possibly the spark plugs may have been bent when the belt "slipped"? Is this a concern? Car has 240,000 miles, should i put the money into it?

Air no longer comes out at the feet nor at the windshield for defrost. It does come from the driver and passenger side vents and the middle vents. I do still have heat and cold but something's amiss with the air flow to these 2 areas. Do I need to take apart the dash to get to whatever it is I need to fix, repair or replace?

At what mileage should timing belts be changed?

just started leaking oil@200,000+ miles

I was trying to park my 98 Camry when it stalled. I put it in park and tried to restart it and it would not start. I was not able to put it in neutral unless I used the emergency gear release button. I parked it and now after one week the battery has died too. What could have caused it to die the first time and not restart?

hello all today i bought my first car in life :), its a camry 98 automatic transmission, i bought it from a person in my city via internet, during the drive test its A/C was literally throwing out white snow like air and it was really chilling but today when i finally paid the money and transferred the car to my name the A/C isnt cooling at all it is more like as if it has turned on the ordinary fan. the A/C button light seems fused cuz it was not turned on even on the drive test day but at that day it was cooling brilliantly today when i turned on the a/c it sorta puts equal amount of load on engine in both states when the a/c button is on or when it is off, it will blow the air but its not cool, HELP!!! :) thanks you. Regards. Horizon

remove rear speaker

My 1998 Camry VE (4 cyl) has over 160K miles and is now leaking oil and power steering fluids underneath. What is the range of cost for repairs, or should I forget about fixing the problem and just continue adding fluids when running low?

What is the cost to replace the catalytic converter in a 98 Toyota Camry?

won't come out of park and tail lights, heater, radio, and clock won;t work either.

The dealership says my water pump is leaking. My coolant recovery tank is overflowing, when I loosen the radiator cap the tank overflows. The radiator is losing coolant, however, very little. Sometimes white smoke is coming from the muffler. Toyota says it will be $895 to replace water pump and belts...is this a fair price

check engine light is on in my 98 camry and I got P0171, P0446 and P0446pd on my code checker. Local auto store said it may be canister purge solenoid. Not sure what to do! Do not have money to replace multiple sensors at one time. Any advice?

What kind of pressure and inflation number does the tires take?

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a 1998 Toyota Camry

After it sits a couple days, cool weather, not extreme, starts but will not idle until warmed up at 2000 rpm for a few minutes.