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trying to find shift solenoid and niether manuel i have really show where its at
What Would Be The Flat rate Price Remove Replace AC 97 Toyota Camry V6 ?
It has been sitting for about a year, but the oil and water levels are fine and the car starts right up, but has a tinny knocking sound more in the front by the manifold and passenger side timing belt area. The timin...
after replacing the timing belt it starts right up but runs at 2200 rpm. there are no vacuum lines off and I am wondering if it could be a tooth off causing the high rpm ?
My daughter's 97 Camry has had the dash indication with the car and the rear lights accented. I searched on line for possible causes after she took the car in to get it smog tested and it failed due to two codes. I re...
As the car is driven coolant moves into the reservoir. Eventually it overflows, and runs hot until coolant is moved back into engine. No other visible external leaks. Approximately 200,000 miles. New radiator, new hea...
I've been having to start my car by touching a wire from the cut starter wire to the positive side of the battery
check engine light came on-the code said it was transmission solenoids. Carried it to transmission shop-they did a computer diagnostic and said they would replace both shift solenoids. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I have...
The moonroof tilts up and down fine, it no longer slides open. When you push the switch, you hear it respond, but no motion. If broken cable(s), is that a difficult task?
shift gear later than usual ,car can be felt jumping to second gear at 30km/h,when wheels are fully turned can not reverse cant pull upwards on steep roads
The operative motor is sound, the tank holds the windshield fluid. One nozzle does not project fluid onto the windshiled at all, the other slightly but not enough to reach the windshield.
Of the power windows. I recently had to pull the emergency cable to open the gas tank in the trunk and ever since then I have had this problem. I have replaced the blown fuse several times, yet the problem persists. ...
my friend didn't see the flood over the road way, it stall and wont start back up we drain all fiulds and put new in. still wont start