Hi There. When I take my foot of the gas (40-50km) the motor is noticeably jumpy. This movement also travels up through the gear stick. It's as if the whole gearbox and motor is moving. BTW, it's a manual trans.

I've already replaced the dog bone mount on top of the engine thinking that was the problem, but not the lower font and back mounts as they appear solid, but I could also be wrong about that.

Does this sound like an engine mount problem or something else?

Thanks. Dallas.

Anti-freeze is leaking in area next to alternator

how do I get the car to start? followed directions in owners manual but does not fix problem.

The operative motor is sound, the tank holds the windshield fluid. One nozzle does not project fluid onto the windshiled at all, the other slightly but not enough to reach the windshield.

Of the power windows. I recently had to pull the emergency cable to open the gas tank in the trunk and ever since then I have had this problem. I have replaced the blown fuse several times, yet the problem persists. What can I do?

the springs are off do you have to replace the whole door actuator

my friend didn't see the flood over the road way, it stall and wont start back up we drain all fiulds and put new in. still wont start

Will not go into reverse.

Anyone have any troubleshooting advise?

My ac light will turn on when i push it but shortly after will start blinking. It never blows cold though always hot. Also my Defrost vents don't work. Could that have something to do with it? Help its so hot!!

680000 mile

My car ran fine 5 hours 300 miles. Then fill up w gas n to come home. It started running bad. Used triple the gas to get home. Its rpm is staying higher than normal when running not idling. my engine light flashes but only while tryin to accelerate, the rpm will jump from normal to high also while tryin to accelerate. Causing the tranny to take longer to shift. Smell of unburt gas n exhaust in car bad. If u stomp it it sounds muffled, then sounds like a back fire, runs a lil smoother for a min then sounds the same. At the exhaust it doesn't sound norm its put puting instead of smooth flow. When the light flashes the hot hand moves from normal to halfway, never higher thought. Rpm also jumps high when goin up hills, and car seems to struggle but never died out. Please help me help my lil car she is all i got.

We traced the noise to a small red plastic canister? Tube? that was connected to the master cylinder by two sires, a red and a black.. Don't know what the red plastic thing is or does. It looks like a cheap plastic checker with a small hole in middle, there appears to be a silvery plate inside the red thing that moves and creates the ringing. Clipped the wires and ringing stopped with battery connected. Now engine wont start, won't even turn over. All lights and elctrical working and no ringing.

has strong pull in rev`s when you turn key on i hear the shift solenoid click there r only two solenoid n transmission i guess one forward the second back ????

Car starts in a very hard idle. It either rests at 3K RPM or continues to climb untilI shut off the car. I have replaced the throttle position sensor and manifold absolute pressure sensors due to ODB2 codes that were backed up by multimeter testing. As far as the white smoke it billows out as soon as I start the engine and smells of unburned gasoline. I have replaced the sparkplugs and wires, after finding issues when inspecting them. I also replaced a fuel injector in a cylinder that hard fired so hard it exploded the spark plug. My next step is the idle air control valve but it seems to be functioning properly, going to attempt cleaning it.