Was running smooth then check engine light came on. I turned the vehicle back on and it stalls if you don't give it gas. If it does stay running has zero power. Had timing belt and associated pulleys replaced less than a month ago. Should I start with the sensor?

trying to find shift solenoid and niether manuel i have really show where its at

While traveling on interstate at 70 mph, without any warning it was like it was in neutral but it was in D, the RPMs were going up but was losing speed.

i need to know where is the solenoid located in the engine. thanks

Intermittent power steering

Could you please show me a picture of my break pads and the way I need to have it on?. Is there a right way my pads are installed because of the metal tabs that's on the ends of the pads?. My brother in-law took it apart and maybe one of the tabs were installed the wrong way,could I be right? If so,please show me the right way.
Thank you so much.

Changed rotor and pads smelt metal burning and smoking. I replaced caliper pins and still have grinding sound but not a constant grinding. Grind,grind,grind and then the squealing starts loud until I push my breaks. What do I check next,i don't know what the problem could be and show me my breaks and all parts that needed when I changed my pads,like squeal pins,etc. what should and where parts should be.

What Would Be The Flat rate Price Remove Replace AC 97 Toyota Camry V6 ?

comdition,,,,but it is brand new

I was checking my oil & thought I got a faint whiff of gas, smelled the paper towel I wiped the dipstick with and sure enough..smelled a little like gas..not real strong.Can anyone tell me what this might mean? It runs fine and is not smoking or anything.The oil is not dirty...still the same color it comes out of the's not real thin either. Any advise? Thanks!

I have never had this happen before. First time yesterday. Had new keys made last year because old key wouldnt turn at all anymore. Now my key starts to turn but only a little and then stops and will not start the car