I have a code of p0172 on my camry. Has 171k on it at the moment. I bought it a month ago from a seller that had a tune up on it. We cleaned the throttle body and replaced the vacuum hose and used a El Camino one. And the code came back the next day. What is going on? It cuts off. Fuel injector/pressure regulator, ect sensor, or what??? Im clueless. Somebody please help me

This problem does not occur all the time. It seems to happen more when the car is cold. I do know the car needs an evap sensor, but I'm not sure if that would cause this.

97 toyota camry 2.2l 4 cyl with California emissions randomly dies when up to operating temp. cleaned egr, iac, throttle body, and replaced fuel pump and filter. after cleaning each one, at separate times, problem was nonexistent for a couple of days then came back. i need this car to not die randomly when i take my daughter to school or go to work. any help would be much appreciated.

My check ingine light has been on since I bought the car (227k). A diagnostic gave code p0450. According to orielly's system it is likely to b the evap pressure sensor or the evap vacuum solenoid valve. Unfortunately, I tested the evap solenoid valve, and toasted it (applied 9 volts as told). I'm going to replace it, but it's likely that something else is wrong (circuit, connection? ) because it was showing a code p0450 long before I tested the solenoid.

Engine cuts off after it warms up. Constanly Restarts with no problem

If you are driving on a 85 degree day, what temp the needle should be in the indicator, 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4? I will apreciate if you can help me out with this question

I replaced the starter and the battery it will stay at times but in the morning hard to . I think I might have a short I took off battery cable and put a test light and the light came on . I also checked the altanator by removing the battery post while the car is on . Need help please

I used BG fuel cleaner on my car. Soon after the whole fuel rail started leaking fuel. Replaced the seals and still smell gas when car is running. Could this have damaged the vapor canister and solenoids on the system? Did have codes for the vapor canister solenoids bad, but changing them did not clear. Car has 180,000 miles.

we recently bought this vehicle (1 week ago) so this has only 1 so far since we owned it

my car sometimes stalls out, stops running when I come to a stop

Was running smooth then check engine light came on. I turned the vehicle back on and it stalls if you don't give it gas. If it does stay running has zero power. Had timing belt and associated pulleys replaced less than a month ago. Should I start with the sensor?

trying to find shift solenoid and niether manuel i have really show where its at

While traveling on interstate at 70 mph, without any warning it was like it was in neutral but it was in D, the RPMs were going up but was losing speed.