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How many quarts of transmission fluid go back into my 97 toyota camry?
My brakes started to squeak about 3 weeks ago, how do I know if the rotors need to be replaced without feeling like I will be screwed over?
I am experiencing a weird problem with my 1997 Camry recently and it only happens sometimes and randomly. Whenever, I break at a stop sign or red light, the ABS light flashes briefly and the car switches off (it's as...
where is this part located and how do i replace it?
I not getting any power to the ac compressor.I have a 1997 toyota camry. If somebody can give me some ideas what to look for I would appreciate it.
car dies out making left turn only
My strut mount needs to be replaced. How much does it cost if I had to do it both sides
How many quarts of oil does my car need?
car left with battery connected,key off for 2 weeks and battery gone flat ,Fully recharged battery power ok, car no start/fire
The past few weeks I've been having idling issues. When I'm stopped at a light, the car at times idles low at around 800 rpms, then can jump to 1200 rpms. This morning at a light, it dropped to about 400 and was sha...
i was mistaken..the car does start, i just cant put it into gear...lights all work.. just wont let me move the gear shift...is there a reset switch?
accidentally put cables on wrong posts and burned battery up..now car wont start or go into gear but the lights all work
how much is average to replace struts on my 1997 camry?
what could be wrong with my 1997 toyota camry it runs rough and idles rough and pours white smoke out of the tailpipe. i have already replaced the spark plugs and the tps sensor.
what would make the bottom radiator hose blow off. recently replaced the water pump and timeing belt