This is the second time in a year that the parking lights have stayed on when the lights are shut off and the key is removed. The first time, I replaced the headlight relay. This time I removed all the relays and the fuses that I could get out and the lights still stayed on. My only solution is to remove the battery cable each time I use the car. This problem also included the dash lights.

i am having a vibration in the front end on my car. does it all the time.the steering wheel vibrates. new struts on the rear and new tires need a idea on what to check on the front to start small and work to the worst.

Truck latch won't stay shut & secured- started all of a sudden and doesn't want to cooperate.

Tried charging my gps and the cigarette lighter dosent have poser and the dash clock doesnt work.what can I do?

I was driving the other day and my car just shut off on me.I got it towed to my house and see if the fuel was shooting right which it was.I changed the timing belt still wasnt starting.The battery is fine and the spark plugs are working fine.What could be the problem???

To repair brakes, replaces master cylinder, rotors(2 each front), calibers(2 each front), pads (2 each front), and bleed system?

First key will not work on driver door (key works on passenger side) then the driver door handle broke on the inside, I had to open window and open door from outside. Now the driver door is locked and I cant unlock door. This car has power door locks. How can I get the door to open?

while driving the car stopped.

Car's check engine light is on and has codes P0420 and P1211, and has california emissions. I understand the P0420 (Catalytic Converter), but what is the P1211?

All parking or running lights do not work

What would cause the dome light to stop working? Tested it with an ohm meter, which caused the map light to stop working. When car is started the clock always start back at 1:00. As if the battery has been disconnected or something.

Why does it sound like water sloushing around up underneath dash?

Today, 81310, the engine suddenly won't turn over. The car has a brand new battery.

both back up lights are out. i changed both bulbs but there is still no back up lights. could it be a fuse

When I turn on the left turn signal it flashes properly. When I turn on the right turn signal it flashes very fast. Yes I know one of the bulbs are burnt out wrong. All the bulbs are fine. Hazards work fine also. I have no idea why this is happening. Some times it will flash at a normal speed but then goes back to very fast. Any ideas?