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When I turn on the left turn signal it flashes properly. When I turn on the right turn signal it flashes very fast. Yes I know one of the bulbs are burnt out wrong. All the bulbs are fine. Hazards work fine also. I ha...
when i begin to give it gas i feel like its pulling back. then i give it a little more gas it does it again until i reach 40mph then its ok.
The problem with my 1997 Toyota Camry is that when i accelerate, it takes a while to pick up speed even if i press on the gas pedal all the way down. On the interstate once it picks up speed it runs about 60 to 70mph ...
at first my floor board was wet on drivers side now it is also getting wet rear floor behind driverside
How much it will cost to replace charcoal cannister in my 4 cyl 1997 toyota camry?
I just bought a 97 camry.The moonroof seems to have no power aat all,I checked the fuses and they are o.k.(contnuity)the on off switch also has continuity.The power windows work fine.Is there relay? If so where is it?
What would be the most common reason for a code of P0441. improper evap purge flow. And what is a possible repair?
what is the average repair cost to fix a shift solenoid?
i had my care at toyota dealer to replace a starter they did. after my cruise control stop working . do you have apicture so i can tell if it was disconnected my books only show the fuses for cruise i think .
How to replace a charcoal cannister in my car?
How to replace the left half shaft
was driving car and it lost power because it wasn't getting gas. it stopped. replaced fuel pump and filter checked spark plugs and regulator fuses. can't find problem can you help
My friends emergency light will not go off in his camry. The brake is not on and It has been on since December. That is the only problem that he has ever had with the car... What could be causing this and what should ...
What is the average cost of an oil change with this car? I'm considering buying this car used, and I need to know.