Suddendly none of my windows will go up or down. First time since I have owned the car.

How to clean the MAF sensor or how to replace.

About a year ago I had the valve cover gasket replaced, a new air filter, and the throttle body cleaned. As I pulled out of the shop's parking lot, I noticed a vibration by the accelerator and unusually loud engine noise when I accelerated. I immediately took the vehicle back to the mechanic, but he could find no reason for the change. I saw an article about cars that had a tube in the engine compartment that plugged into the exhaust pipe, before the catalytic converter, which sometimes broke or rusted off. Could this possibly be the cause of the excess noise? How would I have this diagnosed (if that is the source of the noise)?

The light bulb is out in my gear shift. How do I get to it to replace it?

Key will unlock steering column but then gets stuck, brake pedal switch? Have tried original keys and copies, all use to work, has been a problem but usually putting pressure on steering wheel allowed the key to turn.

i have a diagram of where it is supposed to be but i can not see it. can you give me a little more details?

My 1997 runs at high rpms from a cold start and is making a loud noise around the timing belt/water pump area. It is also losing antifreez. After it's warmed up the noise goes away and it runs fine. The water pump was replaced a year ago do you think it could have gone bad again?

After it rains there is water built up on the floor of the passenger side footwell. I suspect it is coming from a plugged windshield drain which is backing up the water to an opening in the firewall. Anyone have experience with fixing this problem?

Car has 125K on it and this problem just started. Battery connections look good and clean - battery has not been replaced for about 2 years. Any ideas?

light is on all the time change catalytic converter. tuneup now they say it is my egr I fix one thing then there another

I have a 97 camry v6. My temperature control center lights and the letter D lights don't work, but the rest does. I've checked the fuse box, but seems to be ok. Does anyone has idea why that is? Please Help!

There is a wet musty smell coming from the vents when turned on. I have sprayed the outside vents, changed air filter, put the "vent cleaning spray in there, even tried lysol. Is there a trap door or something that i can open or something, or maybe dump som drain-o in there? help ps, I have 311,500 miles

I have replaced both bulbs and still can't get it to work. All other lights work, and no fuses out.

I have a 97 Camry, 4-cylinder LE model. The car runs well, no hesitation; if I just get in and start the car it starts fast. Like most cars, you can turn the ignition key to the acc position or the start position without starting the car. If I leave turn the car keys to the start position, and leave it in that position for a few minutes, then the car is hard to start when I fully turn the key to start the car; the ignition will cut out if I don’t give it gas for 10 seconds. The engine light is not on, and there is no engine light code because of a bad bulb; I’ve had the engine code read at Autozone. I've replaced the ignition wires and tested the ignition coil with an ohmmeter; all is well. If I turn the key to acc, one click before start setting, just to power things while the car is not started, then there is no problem starting the car when I want to. Please let me know if anybody out there has had this problem, and what you did to fix it.

Just purchased a used 1997 Toyota Camry, 161K miles. Ran fine for a month but then statred misfiring. After tuneup (plugs, wires and new valve cover gasket) the engine is still misfiring on two cylinders (code verified). New mechanic says it is a blown head gasket and wants 750 for gasket repair and replacement of timing belt and water pump. Does this sound reasonable? Any suggestions?