The car starts but idle high and is weak.. what could be the problem

Power steering fluid goes through a two quarts a day in overflow jug

P0401 code

fuse good (all other windows work) , switch good(used one that works) , how to test window motor have two(neither works), is there a window regulator - could that be the problem

It was fine and just died. It starts, idles, and dies like it burns off the fumes in the intake. Don't stay running long enough to accelerate.

As nothing appears to be wrong with the coil springs around shock or the assembly.

Wot is the problem and how can i fix the sound when i turn the wheels either side

My aircon runs fine at times but most times it runs hot. There's no blinking light on the A/C button and no noise from under the bonnet...

I got my Kmock Sensor repaired at a Mechanic Shop, after driving it 4 times, the CEL came back on, can this problem still be the Knock Sensor?

All the dash panel vents work but the defrost and floor ents dont blow.

I have a code of p0172 on my camry. Has 171k on it at the moment. I bought it a month ago from a seller that had a tune up on it. We cleaned the throttle body and replaced the vacuum hose and used a El Camino one. And the code came back the next day. What is going on? It cuts off. Fuel injector/pressure regulator, ect sensor, or what??? Im clueless. Somebody please help me