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ongoing problem ,speedometer reads too slow or not at all
At gas station attendant forgot to close hood all the way after oil change. Hood flew up while driving. I tied it down with rope. Hood release was still working so I could put oil in engine, it closed and locked from ...
I need to replace all my dashboard bulbs, which include the warning and error lights, dash illumination for engine temperature, tach, and speedometer, and transmission setting indicators (park, reserve, neutral, drive...
Car has been sitting in garage for a few years, not used until recently. Replaced batt., runs okay but with bad bruning/stinky exhaust. No engine lights come on. The rear tires might have an issue causing car shakin...
reversed initially parked car then tried to reverse and it would not
have no spark out of coil. tested resistance on both external coil and distributor coil pickups (within specs.) and even replaced coil w new one; still no spark. will bad igniter (ignition module)cause this situation
some time will just quit and hard to start again
disconnected throttle body. 3 hoses connect underneath behind idle air control. forgot order in which they go.put back on and water going into cylinders. 1995 camry 2.2L
seems like is missing the purge hose and I do not know exactly where this line go to in the fuel injection system