some time will just quit and hard to start again

what should I do? NEED HELP ASAP!!!

disconnected throttle body. 3 hoses connect underneath behind idle air control. forgot order in which they go.put back on and water going into cylinders. 1995 camry 2.2L

seems like is missing the purge hose and I do not know exactly where this line go to in the fuel injection system

engine started this morning went to work got off 11hrs later it started up drove for 1 minute engine stop would not start again turns over good just wont start first time doing this

Need to locate & replace blower motor resistor . Replaced blower motor & relay 2 years ago last year radiator & thermostat the fuses are fine worked the 1st year then last winter only worked on high this year no air?

DTCs for MAP and TPS showing. Also had EGR but cleaned out and now good. Replaced TPS couple months back. Multimetered the TPS resistance and found to be in specs for closed and WOT. Smooth transition when moving throttle. Adjusted TPS until Ohm deflection.The supply only read 4.7V, not 5V. MAP came on when I fixed short. Now engine only idles or drive low RPMs. No power. Think timing not advancing. Like to test ECU to see if it as faulty. How to I go about it?

From the front tire area.do you think it could be from the rotors there very bad

Certified mechanics it is normal at that millage for trans problems and power steering.but to go into drive you have to rev the motor from 2-3 and at times higher until it goes into drive.but once in drive my car runs great what do I need to fix?