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Car won't turn over and I replaced the distributor twice in one week. They will work for a day or two then they go out. I replaced the spark plugs. I will be replacing the wires tomorrow. Could it be anything else? I ...
I have spark at plug wires and a new fuel pump and filter but it still just spins I don't hear the pump run when I turn on the key but I don't remember ever hearing it when it did run. I unhook the fuel line at the fi...
I took my car to a mechanic just to glance at and they said transmission and motor both sounds good. Not leaking anywhere either so I am so confused???
without an override key. when I bought it two years back was on override coz they said the alarm was not functioning. now the alarm is armed after trying to start from been to an engine wash
all my back lights have stopped working including the dash lights... the front lights and blinkers still work
It will lunge forward in park and can't be moved backward until key is shut off
i have oil on the bottom of my plugs. is there any special way to remove the spark plug tubes?
Tranny was slipping and light was flashing. Had tranny rebuilt and light is still flashing. Tranny dude does not have a scanner (stupid) so I realy don't want to pay 70 to 80 dollars if its something I can reset myself.
Wipers will not move but motor seems to be working fine. If I manual move the wipers they will return to the home position but will not move back and forth on their own. What is the problem?
I check under the hood and there is no spark, so I changed the module in the distributor and the Ignitor and it got spark and started and then after 5mins is shut down again, so I check to see if I had spark and it no...
my leak is so small that it takes a couple days before I can add any water/antifreeze..
yesterday I tighten the pit cock a little..only about 16 ounces of water/antifreeze leaks at a time..there is no water or antifreeze splashed on the motor..the only sign of liquid is along the frame of the front of th...
This paint is used to make the white strip down the center of the road. It splash on my car and I need to know how to get it off.