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The code reader read a fault in the air outlet position sensor circuit
Got a spark plug that is broken down inside a tube on a 2.2 and cannot get it out,, what tools can you use or should us???
after changing coil & gas filter my car start like for 20 min then shut off and it wont start again. any suggestions????
live Mexico,mechanic said not fuel pump.Electronic brain?All levels full.Seems not to be getting gas.No previous problems.Allsystems checked 8 months ago in U.S. 6000 miles only driven
it has to be electrical but I changed the battery the alternator is good and so is the starter
all the time blows oil from under valve cover gasket builds up pressure
have replaced pvc valve building up pressure ?
Tranny doenst catch into gear. Shift smoothly but tranny not catching any of it gear. Replaced with use tranny bout 160,000 miles, trans filter and dex3 fluid. Have 3 guys check out the work. Everything done and hook ...
had to replace o2 sensor and complete exhaust but rattles a lot and seems like it's hanging down very low not tucked up under the car.The mechanic says that's the way it fits but I am afraid it will get ripped off eve...
won't even turn over...just a slight click with a slight whirring sound that continues until I release the key...It's a morning cold start problem. Takes 4 or 5 tries..once it starts, the rest of the day...no problem.
It is roughly 12" - approx in the center just behind the front wheels. It is flexible, so not metal and was covered in black grease or oil. it has holes in it and the portion that is hanging is sort of "L" or boomera...
the pedal to take off like half way it will turn off it gains speed but slow because of how far I can step on the pedal but like I said I cant step on pedal more than an inch in a half down or it will cut off it acts ...
I have to pull out a 75 amp fuse to keep the battery from dying.