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New plugs and wires and internal coil. No check engine lights. 1995 camera 2.2 ltr, has 187,000 miles. Still starts good but rough idel comes and goes every 10 to 15 seconds especially when warm loss of power has not ...
lost spark. car began hard cold starts. eventually no start. checked ohms for coil and distributor; both fell within specs. put new coil on and still no spark. switched back to old coil put different igniter on and st...
reversed initially parked car then tried to reverse and it would not
have no way to test igniter. can a bad igniter cause the coil not to emit a charge to the distributer. Also put logic tester to coil wire leading to distributer and got a low green light with key off and with key on w...
have no spark out of coil. tested resistance on both external coil and distributor coil pickups (within specs.) and even replaced coil w new one; still no spark. will bad igniter (ignition module)cause this situation
began having difficult cold start. always started when hot. now no spark with new coil, cap and rotor
some time will just quit and hard to start again
disconnected throttle body. 3 hoses connect underneath behind idle air control. forgot order in which they go.put back on and water going into cylinders. 1995 camry 2.2L