how do I replace turn signal bulb on driver side 1995 Camry

i have a problems with my brakes locking up on me this is the second time does anyone have this problems also?

i want to replace my fuel filter is there any thing special i need to know or just out with the old and in with the new.

I live in Oregon and own a 1995 Camry 2.2L w/automatic transmision,after 30 or 40 minutes of driving the motor idles down and stops when I slow down and come to a stop.It starts up right away but this Jan,it was just yesterday the motor did the same thing again during a cold morning start.I have no engine warning lights nor am I short any fluids.I take good care of my camry and I dont even know where to start.

My wifes Camry, is going on it's 3rd Distributor, first couple of times mechanic replaced, due to oil in the windings? Replaced it in August again, Car would run fine, until you came to a stop, (after car is warmed up) then it would shut off and not re-start. If we would let it sit for a couple of hours it would start again and may go weeks without incident. Then it would do it again, when I took it to the Mechanic different state now, same thing oil in the windings? This mechanic said it looked like the o-ring was wrong size, however here we are 5 months later and it will only run for a few seconds and then quit! So back to the mechanic who believes it is the Distributor again. Is this a known problem with the Camry's? I think 4 distributors in the last 4 years is a sign there may be something else causing this. Any help would be appreciated.

How many lower engine mounts and how to replace them. Very rough idle while stopped in drive. The top mount has failed twice in two years. Any advise? Thanks.

My 1995 Toyota Camry just passed the emission test for Maryland even though I was told by a mechanic that it needs a new catalytic converter. My Camry sounds like it needs a muffler instead from the loud sound that it makes. Is the mechanic wrong about his diagnosis because my Camry did pass the emissions test? Thank you

My engine light came on and I'm trying to find out if the sensor needed to be replaced or not.

My Gas Gage is pretty wild, just want to know is it a major repair or is it the fuel box, plaese help

Does anyone know how could I get the door to open. It will not open from the inside or outside and I will not destroy the door just to get it open.

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the transmission begins to smoke

Toyota camry needs crankseal, leaks a qt of oil every 2weeks. Timing belt, waterpump, valve gasket just replaced. Engine just started idling rough, but isn't missing yet. How long would it take to replace the crankseal? approximately

how to replace brake light on the back dash windshed you know there are three light in the back two on the side right sie and left side and the one in the back window

What can cause a check engine light to blink when picking up speed but it stays on when driving regular

I turn Ignition and get no response