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Doesn't happen while the car is cold. The hesitation doesn't happen all the time just random along with the car turning off. It doesn't turn off completely the battery seems fine because the radio and lights are still...
When i drive and maketurns, the wheel seems to slip and wont turn when i turn the steering wheel. forcing me to turn the steering wheel a little further. i have this problem on occasion right now. any suggestions???
I needed 1 set of spark plugs &1oz. sensor (downstream) ,this caused the inspection failure. What is the price for these 2 items?
How do I find spark plugs? Does anyone have a photo to help me?
how can i check wot is wrong i abs system .. a sensor is bad or module is broke ..
car wont start when i turn key , it makes a fast clicking sound,windows wont work either what is it the problem?
why does the car make a clicking sound when i try to start engine?
my car wont start, when i turn the over to start, car makes a clicking sound ,why is that?
Oil leaks from the passenger side of the tramission pan around whatever is attached to it. Not a mechanic or tech, don't know the correct term.
Is it always necessary to replace the oil pump if there is a leak at the oil pump site?
cools about an hour then quits
what should be the cost of replacing the power steering pressure hose
how would i go about adding freon to my camry
how much does it cost to get check engine light diagnosed?