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twice it died with a couple of "jumps", like gear shift jump while running slow. No engine lights or warning lights or messages show. Car idles and stops approx 1/10 times.

i have changed both master and slave cylinders and the fluid is full,there is no visible leaks.whats wrong with my car

What are the possible causes and solutions to this problem?

Hey! My car won't start. It doesn;t have sparks. I've changed the distributor.I put a brend new one. Now it starrts and work only 10 min and then it dies. when its hot. it wont start. The mechanic sait that it might be a relay problem but he is not sure. Can you please help me out. Thanks

My car does not start during or just after a rain, what could be getting wet that could cause this??

Car won't start. At auto shop the diagnostics showed the problem was the Ig. control Module, but their computer could not locate where it was! We took apart the distributor but could not find it to fix it.
The email for an answer is

Need estimate for labor on power steering rack and pinion replacement.

Car feels like it has flat tire when stopping and steering wheel vibrates as well

Is the crankshaft bolt reverse threads

The windows fog up on the inside and lately after driving around 40 miles home from work, there is standing water in floorboard rear drivers side and the front drivers side is wet. Years ago this happened with Honda and it seems like it was leaking hoses from radiator -had to remove dash to fix????

replace cam shaft seal; leaking oil

A mix of tide and rain water rose up into the passenger well, then spread to the other footwells. We have these three problems: 1) key can't be removed from ignition 2) we can't shift out of park (brake is on) and 3) the airbag warning light stays lit. We're madly trying to get the floor carpets dried out -- have the heater on high, set to go to floor only, A/C on, fresh air vent chosen. Plus we've got a portable heater sitting in the driver's footwell.

Any and all suggestions/ideas welcome!



I replaced the fuel filter thinking this was the problem but it wasn't. fuel seems to be getting there and it seems to firing.Before this happened sometimes it would only run around 1000 rpm but after a short slow ride around the block it would come up to speed.the crnk case sensor has been replaced .