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I have a 1995 toyota camry that needs a lot of work done on the engine. I believe it needs a headgasket replacement, timing belt and everything that goes with that, it has a couple of oil leaks, and it's just...high m...
My 95 Camry makes a knocking noise, front driver's side, when coasting and stops when braking. This noise also goes away during acceleration. Bearings,CV Joint, Brakes???
Rear window doesn't go up or down.
i would like to know how much for transmission replacement for this yr model car?
I replaced one of the break lights that had gone out and now the tail light warning light on the dashboard won't go off, even though all the break and tail light are working. How do you get this warning light to go off?
I replaced a break light bulb but the warning of a tail light out won't go off and all the tail and break lights work fine?
Where is the fuse for the power windows on a 1995 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder?
I removed my EGR Valve and cleaned it with carb cleaner and pushed the valve up and down and air would flow out of the hose part on the upper diaphragm, so it seemed functional, although it was snug or tight while pus...
just got the car and brake fluid was low (below minimum), pedal went almost to floor, and emergency brake light remained after taking the brake off. Added fluid and level is constant. helped some, but brake pedal stil...
The PWR is lit right under P R N D etc. is on dashboard
replaced fuel pump car will not start,also checked fueses relays all good,replaced computer,oil switch still will not start
my 1995 camry has an issue with the reverse lights they only come on when you aply the breaks they do not come on when you put the car in reverse.this happens every time you get in the car.if it is a reverse switch or...
Fuel pump will not turn on ,checked fuses,relsys all good
I was told that my car's gas strut assemblies are in poor shape (leaking oil).I was quoted $600 for replacing all 4 gas strut assembly in my Toyota camry LE (1995) including 4 wheel alignment ($81). The parts were G68...
My 95 camery everytime I turn on my a/c it pops the fuse for my power windowsw and the gauges what could be the reason