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The car starts and runs for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and quits running has to sit for hours before it restarts
A/C is cold when first cranking..after 15-20 minutes driving it gets warm. May blow cold again and the get warm again at different times. Radiator flushed. Freon checked. Sometimes reads hi on freon. A/C also seem...
On my 1994 Toyota Camry my dash and taillights do not work, except when I turn on my left blinker on, but they go out when I turn my brights and right blinker on, most of the time, but they won't always stay on the ke...
It will start sometimes but I have to let idle for a while before driving or it will die and not start again for a while.
So about 2 weeks ago I thought I should wash the engine of my 94 Camry. I made many mistake first which was the car was not running and sencond is that I used a garden hose. So the car now only attempts to start, bu...
my car will not reb up when i try to reb it up it dies i dont know to much about the car we just got it please help
it happins all the time we got the car like this dont know to much about the car
when I am stopped and turn my steering wheel left and right, it makes a whining sound. Also it makes the sound when stopped and idling, it doesn't make the noise when driving. I put some power steering fluid in, an...
If I use the parking brake, when I put it in reverse itshifts hard. Replaced the dogbone, one side seems to sit lower than the other side. The binding feeling seems to come from center in front end. Front axal is new.
lost credit card in slot by radio.
Don't know if the relay is bad. Or there is some thing else that I can try.
Getting fuel and fire but won't start.