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The rear running lights stopped working on my car. But the brake lights still work. Usually a light comes on in dash when a light is blown and I've not seen it yet and the bulbs look fine. Is there a fuse I need to...
drives fine in drive, won't back-up in reverse, but shifts into reverse just fine.
light sometimes comes on when i KNOW theres 5 gal of fuel in tank. the gauge was reading 1/4 tank now after fuel additive its reading about 1/8 tnk. the tank is darn near full. thanks, asswype
Hey everybody I am having a problem with the car. It runs great but lately, when I am driving and want to accelerate at about 40mph (I don't mean stomping on it, just typical normal driving), it bucks and stutters an...
checked fuse box its fine all other lights work with exception the check light is on but all lights are working, unsure where else to check or try to fix need help please
starter wont do any thing at all after trying to start a few times
is there a way to put a fuel booster ot help fuel to entections
turns over good but fails to start for quite some time .Later on in the day it starts but slow about it!
I have a random issue that effects the door locks, windows and heat control panel lighting. Occassionally, when the window is rolled down it will not roll back up.(big problem in Minnesota winter!). Also the doors ...
None of windows will let up or down
Where is the relay for the headlights on warning? I'm tired of having to jump-start the battery in the rain.
my left side window controle won lock and won window on my back passenger wont close and i just replaced the driver passenger window controle so it can b that could it be a fuse and were can i find it in the 1991 toyo...