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I want to have my car completely refurbished, inside and out. Is this a cost effective thing to do; I mean, rather than paying for a new car. I don't intend to have a Chip Foose redo, though it would be nice. I just w...
Power windows don't work, no power to main control or other controls
frequently the drivers door on this car locks and will not open with a key or switch. I treated the lock with break free lube and graphite and it worked okay for a few days but now is stuck again. I thought it might b...
where is the door jamb switch located at on the door, and how do i install a new one.
how do i install a door jamb switch, i noticed that my interior dome lights don't come on. I checked all fuses, they were ok, and i installed a new bulb, and still no light. I believe that the door jamb switch is bad.
repair shop says i need to change all the fluids bbcause the brake , trans, power st fluids are all dark color!!!My question is :Just because the color of the fluids change,I lose protection???
I already know the problem with my ac, the compressor is bad, my mechanic and I saw the refridgerant leaking out of the compressor with our own eyes. I have a new compressor and air dryer. I know how to replace the co...
I'm wanting to change the air dryer on my car next weekend. How do I do it? I need the instructions please.
The check engine light came on in my car two days ago, afterwards it hasn't come on since. Should I get it checked out anyway?
Ok, how can I tell when the fuel pump is getting ready to go out?
How difficult is it to replace the dryer on this car?
After the ac compressor has been removed, where is the air dryer located in this vehicle?
After driving and turning off the engine for 15-20 minutes, my Camry has been experiencing intermitant starting problems. There is no click or noise when I attempt to turn the ignition on and I usually have to wait a...
What is the "throttle butterfly" of the throttle body housing?