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is there any pther solution for a leaking power steering other than replacing the arm etc? there is a little leak
just replaced pads and calipers in front.....caliper was frozen on passenger's side for some time....wore down my pad....also had passenger rotor turned....now when i apply brake it goes to floor but does stop car, ye...
I have 2005 avalon with 180,000 miles on it. I was told by shop that I should replace the motor mounts . How hard , or much skill level does it take to do this job ? Is this something that I could do with basic to...
Recently, I took my '05 Toyota Avalon to a car wash. The people at the carwash moved the driver's seat all the way up to vacuum underneath it. When we moved the seat back, something is now sticking out from the trac...
I have checked the manual but it is difficult to find Toyota's description of that area/related to a fuse. It is the bottom line on the display.
unable to open trunk using the keyless entry or inside button.
trunk not opening using the button inside or the keyless entry button.
high mount brake bulb replacement proceedures