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All plugs n wires changed. No engine light on. Idles up n down n lights get bright ndim as idle ffluctuates. Coil? Does check engine light come on for coil
No clicking noise when key is turned
The Car engine some times comes on without ignition turned on, at some intervals the dash board lights, front and rear lamps flashes atimes.
Car starts fine and drives fine. But everything that the dashboard controls nothing is working. Checked all the fuses they seem fine. Any thoughts Raz
boot got fluid in it hole in boot leaking power steering fluid
I have replaced the seals in front of engine but not behind it. Don't see oil leakage, but the smell is terrible when I have heat or air on. I don't seem to get odor when heat/ac not in use.
What is average price to replace rear struts and strut mounts on a '98 Toyota Avalon?
we were driving normally on a road with a little icy snow, no slipping or sliding..turned onto a dry road for about 12 miles, trac light came on, we stopped to look at car mannual..turned off car for 10 minutes, start...
I have asked for help only to get other answers except what i ask for.I just want to know how to do the tune up because I can only see three plugs.