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The driver seat is stuck in awkward position and electrics have How can I manually reset?
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon. I live in the state of Ga. Several months ago or so. After it rains. I began to here a swishing sound. I began to look for the problem. Found out with the window up, when rains and after ...
No dtc does a little better and almost goes away when it warms up
Once my car is warmed up, when I come to a stop; the oil light comes on. It will go off once I start driving again.
I just came back from firestone a short time ago and was in for a shock. I went there for a tire rotation and a alignment check. I was told that i needed to have one wheel bearing replaced and both tie rod ends repl...
i have a rubbing sound coming out of the rear. it just started. dosesn't look like there is anything stuck up in there. happens when i go around curves and over dips in the road. this 96 is the limited version of the...
This started Tu and it has taken this long for my husband to purchase the fuses which manage radio but still no result. Is there something else that could be wrong? Everything else works; car drives ok.