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Mileage seens to change about 30 to 50 miles per gallan at different Gas stations. Am i buying more ethinal at different stations. gas comes down one pipe line. it has to be the additives?
Replaced plugs, wires and number 5 coil. Still have same problem. Could the injector be bad?
Every Toyota I've owned since 1989, and those of family and friends (Camry, Sienna, Avalon, etc.), seem to have a constantly recurring vibration when applying brakes. None of our other non-Toyota cars have it. If it's...
Running fine until went to start this morning (did not turn over at all). Jumped off Buick, but no results
I noticed car is being sluggish and does'nt move smoothly. i am trying to troubleshoot
The car will start fine but the car will not shift out of park.
Not sure what to do. Would like input in what others would do in my place. I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS V6. I am the third owner. It now has around 211,650 on it now. Right now it needs a new timing belt and back...
I have to decided what to do about my car and would like some input in what others would do. I noticed that my car has been shifting a little late. The check engine light is on and had it checked out. Said it was the ...
clock, trunk light, and door locks are not working.
I was at the mechanic shop that was fixing the borsch on the right wheel side of my 1996 Avalon when his apprentice working on the car came in and told him that the ABS light was on. Can I hold the mechanic responsib...
I would like to know where it is on the engine. Thanks.
its a 96avalon with a 3.0 could it be the crank sensor it turns over timing belts ok but it has no fire at all in either one of the coils.
Everything I find tells me this is the vapor canister causing the issue. However, it says this when code is present with p0446. I only have 1 code. What other possibilities could it be when the only code is p0441?
the key no longer goes all the way into the ignition