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At 28 and 38 mph my cars shimmies.
I recently got the codes for the lights and here is what they read. P0031, P0441, P0455, and C1201. Is it just the oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or is there more to it? Also it says bank 1 sensor 1, if I'm l...
the window won't go up or down
can you show me where the automatic transmission refill plug is located
On my 2007 4wd 4runner my vsc off , skid control ,vsc trac, and engine lights have came on and will not go off wondering what the problem might be and how much to fix.
Just last night one side of the Multi-Information Display (pg 294) went out. Is that a light bulb that can be replace or is the unit going out. If it is the first can I repace the light or do it have to take it in?