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I am looking for the name and part number of the corner protector that covers the connection of the support beams for the luggage rack. I need black.
My 4 runner is making a noise when going over bumps, sounds like an old car that needs greasing. I was told by Toyota dealer it needs struts and shocks and tires. I am a woman and drive mostly highway miles, can't u...
Only at night can the digital dashboard lighting be read. During daylight you have to look direcly into it. Can this be changed out witout a great deal of expense and hoorah? I love my 4runner otherwise!
On my 2007 4wd 4runner my vsc off , skid control ,vsc trac, and engine lights have came on and will not go off wondering what the problem might be and how much to fix.
upgrading to a performance Jet Chip air sensor
no problem just upgrading to a performance air sensor.
I'm due for a brake job after 40,000 miles. Anyone know how much dealer will charge me?
Just last night one side of the Multi-Information Display (pg 294) went out. Is that a light bulb that can be replace or is the unit going out. If it is the first can I repace the light or do it have to take it in?
change plugs
Can a rock or pebble become lodged in the undercarriage? I hear a rolling rock sound under the passenger side floorboard sometimes when I brake.
2007 4Runner, 27,000 miles,Out of warranty, and the automatic transmission (which in my model is sealed, no dipstick, no refilled) started to failed. Started with intermittent kicks in every speed, but today is perma...
My rear wiper and washer have quit working. I can't seem to find the fuse or relay. Where is it?
The dealer wants to do a fuel system cleaning that would clean the injectors. They say that it is different from the stuff you just dump in the tank. How so? and is it more effective? Is the the stuff I put in the tan...