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While driving on the highway the other day, I slowed for traffic, the car stalled, when I put it in park to restart it, engine started right up, ran fine, as soon as I put it in drive or reverse it stalled. Mechani...
i had the Suspension Stabilizer Sway Bar Links Replaced in the front. i can still feel it. rolling over railroad track crossings, small pot-holes in the road, running over a two-by-four. i have not returned to the mec...
They just did my fuel lines and 3 days later they say I have to replace the rollover valve and fuel cap. I think it was damaged when they dropped the gas tank they say no and 488.00 please.
The problem is occasional. Works most of time
my 2001 Toyota 4runner sometimes stalls when starting it. When I shift back to park through neutral it will restart itself while making a whining noise. We have changed the fuel filter, cleaned the fuel injectors, cl...
How do I change the high mount brake/stop light on my 4runner? Just need to change the lamp.