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All the tutorials have a screw-in type of ferrels, but my filter seems to have a slip-in type of connection. Do I need special tools for this? I would love step-by-step diy instructions if possible. Thanks
all the ones toyota orders have just one bolt & they will not work.
158k - oil pan gasket blew. Took to NTB - first gasket failed. Installed 24 HR gasket and upon the 10 minute idle seal they say truck started sounding like a diesel. I drove .7 mile home and stalled 4 times and the en...
also I'm stuck H4 and I can't get back to N without the lights on the tires turning on.
Where is the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) Valve on my 2000 Toyota 4ruuner ? Thank-you Lane.
No engine check engine light came on, but the car started running rough going uphills. Going downhill, when using the overdrive to slow the car down, the car shutters. Have never experienced this kind of problem be...