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I have changed the sparkplugs and swapped the coils and the same error appears, so it is not the spark plugs and not the coil. I have put injector cleaner in the fuel and run about 1/2 a tank, still no improvement. ...
Already replaced front pads still doing the same thing
Rear drivers side tire wobbles when driving. Rim is fine. Also noted when I hit a pot hole or turn sharp there is loose feeling in steering .
the window is all the way up. nothing is responding.
my toyota 4runner is running rough when i go 40 miles an hour or faster it feels like a bad sparke plug or wires. I replaced all those things and its still seems to be missing but it idles fine.
there is light that is coming on shows the four but the front two turn to the right
My daughter recently purchased a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. This model is equiped with a stick in the console with a button on top. Does she need to be completely stopped to put her vehicle in to 4WD?