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All the gears work and It's an automatic transmission I have 255000 miles.
I have A 1997 Toyota and cannot get it to shift out of park.Its like the shifter is locked up
i changed the spark plugs and wires coils mass air sensor can you give me some insight on what else it could be
Only the front wheels pull in 4WD
a week ago i change my alternator with a new one and the battery lights at my dashboard came back, in the morning when i go to work after 10 minutes of driving the lights went off and it happens the last 2 days and t...
Car turned over at first but put foot on the gas and it quit. This happened 3 times. Since then, it will crank but not start. AC had been leaking freon. This has never happened before so I am at a loss. Any help is ap...
I got the 446 code and I am just trying to figure what to do next from what I understand the ccv and the vsv are under the tank or on top of the gas tank. please any help what I should do. At first I only got the code...
a major squeak occurs consistanly and i was told this job is mostly labor and the parts dont cost much< true?
My parking brake level doesn't work. The button stays depressed so I can not use the parking brake, it just reset itself down.
I just recently took the SUV to the Toyota dealer to have a diagnostic test done to. The spark plug and spark plug wires are all brand new. I told the service person that helped me that. What they got from the test ...