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I have a repair manual I got from the auto parts store but it doesn't tell me how to take the older ones off
Scanned my Toyota and I am wondering what part needs to be replaced and where is it located?
i have been told I need to replace my expansion valve. How much should this cost?
I think it is a speed sensor malfunction, but I don't know which sensor it is targeting.
it will shift in 4 low.the shifter moves but wont engauge out of 4low. it happen right after i bought it drove it 50 miles, then it would not engauge. after i put it in 4 low it shifted fine. shift solinode?
Car rpm drops at stop. Then rpms jump up. Sometimes car will stall at stop. This truck is an automatic with 165000 miles on it.
nox levels are at about 600ppm at 15 and 25 mph. cleaned air flow sensor,replaced cat,o2 sensor switchig fast.replaced fuel filter.
Will not crank, will not even turn over, replaced the park neutral safety switch, started has been checked out also-good, So what will cause it not to do anything when I turn the switch on? And what is the purpose for...