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Then when I went to drive it it started making a roaring noise until I hit about 25 after that it ran great but when I went to slow down it started making the roaring nosie again .. I took it to two different people o...
Although the coil pack is new, it only fires #1. No current passes through the new wire at all for #4. I tested it using a timing light which lights up on all the other wires but will not light at all on the #4 wire. ...
I changed rusted out brake line, bled 4 wheels can't get fluid out of rear bleedes
you can floor it and it goes threw all the gears then when you let up (75 mph) it is no longer in gear and will only drive in low you can stop and floor it but when you let up it will not stay in the high gears it has...
The ac indicator in the car is working fine, however, no air is blowing through the ac. this started last night.
when the EFI sends a signal to the cor Does it go to the computer first be fore starting th fuel pump ???
1996 2WD 4Runner V6 with 215,000 miles. Valve adjustment is costly at $486 to $659 per RepairPal. Are the valves easy to check but expensive to adjust when adjustment is needed?
fuel pump not working need to check sys. before i change it
About 6 months ago I had the same reading, had a compression test done & I had poor compression on cylinder 3 had the head resurfaced and all new belts and spark plugs done along with having fuel injectors and throttl...
Should splicing the wire and/or replacing the sensor cost $587? He also estimated $300 to replace the rear shocks. I'm shocked!!!