toyota 4runner 1985 sr5 steering problem on 1990 Toyota 4Runner

while driveing the steering wheel started jerking to the right. i rolled down my window and could hear a clicking noise. the faster i went the worse it got and the more it jerked . It is not drivable it jerked both ways but mainly to the right. my powersteering pump is toast and wont hold fluid. whats causeing the steering jerk clicking..??

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You have multiple problems in your steering gear. you need to inspect all the components of the steering gear and replace what is out of spec. this is an UNSAFE vehicle to drive until all is resolved. a 4runner of this vintage usually needs a steering gear over haul after 15-20 years.
I am having an issue to the point where i am scared to winter drive my 4cyl 4 runner, when i crank the wheel either U turning or coming out of a parking stall, I hear a loud grinding noise under my truck. Now that its icy I am unable to stop the vehicle. it was fine in the spring, now the second i lose traction in either 2x2 or in 4x4, my vehicle goes sideways, I was driving east in the third lane when i suddenly started to brake on very light ice in 4x4, i lost control and headed north across 3 lanes and ended up in the turn lane facing the traffic I was just in front of. thankfully the unplowed lane stopped me safety, The man beside helped me get back out so i could go home immediately.
I stopped driving but wondering how this was safetied last winter since its always made the sound for me when the wheel is cranked over to one side. So whats your opinion since I am getting the run around over here. I feel unsafe is a true statement.