Toyo Svc replacing after mkt alarm on venza with alarm. Will I have problems? on 2011 Toyota Venza

bought 2011 venza. Ck engine, anti skid, passenger air bag Lts went on. Toyo Svc to replace after MIT alarm with Toyo factory alam. Now they are installing new computer. Not sure why. Will I have future problems? Any advice?

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Depends on who/how the aftermarket alarm was installed. If it was rushed and hacked into the wiring system then unless toyota is allowed to put wiring and other affected devices/controls back to original condition then NO they should not warranty it (unless the aftermarket system was installed by them originally).This process will not be cheap but IF you have a reputable dealer then you should end up with a Venza that's dependable for a very long time (with proper care along the way)