Towing on 2003 Ford Mustang

If towing the Mustang on a car dolly, does the drive train need to be dropped? I will be towing it 1100 miles.

by in Cordova, TN on February 06, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 06, 2009
Manual Transmission or Automatic?
ANSWER by on February 06, 2009
I would suggest disconnecting the drive shaft on any vehicle which is to be towed any distance on a car dolly. Mark the drive shaft and the yoke on the rear end so that you can reinstall the drive shaft in the same position. You may not need to remove the drive shaft if you can find a place to tie the end up out of the way after it is disconnected. The reason for doing this is because with the drive shaft connected the rear wheels will spin the drive shaft which will spin the transmission from it's output shaft. This can cause the transmission not to be oiled properly resulting in internal damage. If you rent a car dolly the rental company should be able to help you with some of the details.
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