total dead battery 6 days after: 1. renewing battery and 2. alternator 3. tests on 1996 Toyota RAV4

has occurred 3 times in 1 month.
RAV4 with 73,000 mi.
dealership service dept. unable to diagnose

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ANY aftermarket items( alarm/security , remote start or radio) installed?
No auxiliary items, electronic/electric devices.

Thanks for replying: the car is in the shop, Saturday to Monday (12/2) awaiting further diagnosis.

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There may be something randomly staying on a draining the battery. You'll need to get this back to the shop with a good description of the history of the battery dying, and inconclusive testing.

Thanks for the response.
I have done so.
The Toyota people have done the parasitic battery drain test 2 times.
I wonder what is next?

Sitting without driving for 6 days?
Driving it for 6 days and battery is now dead?