Top not latching upon closure on 1998 Jaguar XK8

Top seems to operate smoothly but doesn't latch. What should I look at first?

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Great Answer Anonymous (not). There is a small allen wrench that is stored in the right side of the trunk behind the trunk liner. You have to pull the liner away, and then you'll see the wrench mounted just under the hydraulic pump for the convertible top. On the pump you'll also see a t-shape valve. Turn the valve completely counter-clockwise. That releases the hydraulic pressure on the pump. Then go up to the front of the car with the allen wrench and use a knife or a screwdriver to pop the little cap off of the latch access hole. The hole is located just above the rear-view mirror. Once you have the cap off, stick the allen wrench into the hole. If the latch simply didn't latch, all you need to do is turn the allen key counter-clockwise to get it to latch. If something is misaligned you may have to push up on the top to get the little peg on the top to go into the slot on the latch mechanism. After you're done, put the allen key back and tighten up the t-handle valve on the pump by turning it clockwise until it stops.

And I wonder why anonymous would even both to answer the question if he has absolutely nothing to contribute...
This solution was 100 percent correct Although I didn't ask it it was what I was looking for. Thanks
I have an oil leak above center windshield on 2000 jag xk8 how do I get behind there to look at it?
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the tops on these require adjustment and without having experience you should find a dealer.