top leaks on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

on drivers side I get water in the car when it rains I dont seek howv it leaks into the car

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There are drain plugs under each side of the car by the front door and by the back tires. The get plugged. I took a flat head screw driver and pryed it open a little and about a gallon of water ran out onto the drive. Hope this helps
Mine is doing the same thing (water in the driver floor board), I can hear the water swishing when I put on the brakes. I looked for the drains and couldn't find them. What do they look like? I have a 96 Chrysler Sebring
UDATE!!! I think I may have found it. There is a white plug on what looks like a pan of some sort by the drivers rear wheel. I sure would like to pull that plug if someone could tell me that is it?? UPDATE!!! That wasnt the water plug it was the gas plug on the gas tank!!! I am covered in gas and I liked to never got it back on.
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Under the door there are holes you need to unplug.
I'm assuming you have a Sebring Convertible like I have (2006). Yes, they have drain holes that at the bottom of the car. Have not found them but should. As I understand it, the convertible version of any car is structurally much different than the regular car with a solid top. If the holes are plugged or semi-plugged I think standing water in the tube leads to rust on the lower panel below the door (which I inherited when I bought the car a year ago). I would just google the problem and see what comes up on YouTube. That's what I do and it mostly works.