1992 Toyota Camry Q&A

1992 Toyota Camry Question: Took heads off to replace valve stem seals, installed heads getting to much fuel

After putting heads back on l'm getting too much fuel to engine -
Answer 1
Anything left not connected, temp sensor, fuel pressure regulator? -
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Replaced temp sensor because it was busted. What is purpose of washer on temp sensor and is it necessary? As I dropped it somewhere on engine? Firing order is correct. -
Comment 2
It's a sealing washer. Double check the engine grounds, air intake hose, pinched injector wires. -
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The oil smells like gas and thin. How does gas get in oil? I finally found the cause of gas in my oil, the fuel return line was obstructed, blew line out with air compressor. So much gas in engine that its coming out tailpipe. -
Answer 2
Cam timing is very good answer. Can cause plugs to get wet due to not firing in correct order. Compression check after that won't hurt. -
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? Not firing in correct order ? -
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If you have better explanation or helpful suggestions...please add. Help is what people are here to seek. Thanks :) -
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Wow thanks for that, you're so observant. Just so happens that the cam timing part was already taken care of in a previous post, and was just wondering where you were going with not firing in correct order. But that's OK, sorry to bother the wrong nerve. -
Comment 4
Car is firing and in correct order. -