Took battery loose now van won't shift,ABS light is on speedo reads zero. Comp? on 1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G30)

It ran for e that morning but after battery disconnected it all started.

Before you do anything, check every fuse you can find with a test light, dont just look at them and say thay look ok!! TEST ALL the fuses you can find! IF it looks like a fuse, big small whatever, TEST IT! Tell this "friend" to always remove the negative cable first!!
Just had all the fuses tested and all were fine. I did find a burnt wire that runs across the exhaust manifold. Wiring is not my expertise and I live way out in the country so I'm limited to available shops. Can I splice it?
Sure! But it aint supposed to touch the exhaust!
Got sent out of town but I'm back now. I believe it's a speedometer cable. It's got many strands of little wires. I was told it can't be spliced. What do ya think? Hard to replace?
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ck battery cables for debris and tightness
It starts and drives but won't shift into second. My friend took off positive side first. Could this cause a short? As soon as rpms get to where it would normally shift, the ABS light comes on. And the speedometers reading zero all the time. Like I said it was running great right before the battery was disconnected
what was the reason you disc battery in the 1st place and did you do anything else to the van?
I just bought it a month ago. The battery tray was rusted out and the battery was on it's side. We took it out and fixed the tray. When it was put back in the shifting problem started. I heard it could be in "limp home mode" and needs reset
seek free diag and est from aamco to start with,then post findings
Will do. Thanks man I'll get back soon
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