too much fuel from the injectors , engine floods ,wont start.Why? on 1998 Jaguar XJ8

the engine will not start as it floods out. Too much fuel from the injectors. Mechanic suspects computer that conmtrols fuel flow bad. What would cause the problem and how much to fix it/

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hi i have been told by jaguar that xj8 up to 2000 had nickel lined engines . the nickel wears and causes flooding. he told me to sell it and get a 2001 onwards as these wher steel lined which stops the flooding problem hope this helps.
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The ECM is most likely faulty, i.e. fuel drivers. It can be rebuilt or get a used one from salvage yard. It may have to be configured by a shop which has the auto-logic software. Approx 3 to 5 hundred to fix for good.