Told manual transmission is leaking on 1990 Nissan Sentra

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Jiffy lube changed my oil and tech told me that the transmission was leaking (manual)...What does this mean/what do I do?
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Depends on theseverity of the leak. If it's just seeping, maybe you don't want to do anything except check on the transmission fluid to be sure it isn't low. If it's a big leak, then you probably should get it fixed. The price and effort depends on which seals are leaking. the drive axle seals are not hard to replace but the front seal requires that the transmission come out for the repair.
If you want to find a Nissan specialist, here's a directory link for you:
Yes there is a oil in your transmission its call gear oil some cars or trucks are manufacture spicific so please call your local dealer give them the vin of the car or truck and they will have the answer of what type of oil now if there is a leak there are seals on the front of the transmission and back they need to be replaced by a quilified tech.