To get my truck inspected I need new boots. what does this involve. how much $? on 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

I have seen the boots and yes they are cracked and split. Does the labor include removing the whole chasy?

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While it's a good idea to have this repaired, ask the inspection station to check the manual again! Tell the inspector you heard this is not considered during the VA vehicle safety inspection procedure! It s not included in the inspection,, it will pass with cracked, busted cv joint boots,I have the inspection certification for VA. and just got it renewed via retesting. I remember that question on the test very well.! It cannot be turned down or rejected for this!!!!!
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No just the half shafts, it would be more cost effective to replace the half shafts, instead of ju8st boots, O'reillys has a ltd lifetime parts warranty, and run around $50.00 for each. Estimator should have the labor.
Unless VA is doing a mechanical inspection, axle boots are NOT required for an emissions inspection.
Not required at all, we dont do emissions down on this end of the state, thank goodness! Think they do up northern VA, Arlington/DC area.
Its not required but it really helps keep the cv shafts in good greased condition but to do the boots you will need special boot clap crimps its really worth just putting some fresh ones in and why would they remove the whole chasy
Just trying to get an approval inspection for now, one would assume.