to fix or not? on 1998 Audi A6 Quattro

$2800 is the estimate for new rebuilt transmission that blew the other day. what are some major repairs that could happen outside of this on the car? need to decide if i should fix or not. if the transmission is fixed at 109K miles, might the car last another 1-2 years? mechanic full estimate for this and other repairs is around $4K. (two new tires, a pump that has a leak, spark plugs and some other things) is it worth the investment? of note, car is beautiful in great shape, hunter green, fully loaded, so hard to compare another used car to this. has value to me, not the market :) i am in process of buying house so to have a car payment or not is the question, but want to know confidence level of the car lasting or other potential "big ticket" repairs.

by in Dana Point, CA on May 03, 2009
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ANSWER by on May 03, 2009
Check out the private party sale of your car on and see what comparable Audi A6's are worth in your area on Craigslist or Autoshopper. The Audi A6 is a really nice driver's car but can tend to be costly to maintain as it gets higher mileage. Has the timing belt been replaced in your car, that is a costly maintenance item? I hate to see a nice car heading for the wrecking yard, perhaps advertise it on Craigslist and see if anyone is interested in your car s is, and ask at the repair shop if any mechanic would be interested in buying your car. Your financial priorities are buying a house, it may be best to see what you can sell your car for and buy a simpler car known for reliability. On the other hand what will you be able to buy for the cost of repairing your own car.
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