To change the water pump will i have to remove the timing belt on 1993 Toyota Pickup

To change the water pump will I have to remove the timing belt and if so what's the best way to mark it so I know I put it back correct

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I believe that you have a 3xz-e or 5vx-fe engine which are the 3 liter motors. The 22-r and 22-re are the 4 cyl models. That's how the engines are designated in my sources, not by size so I just want to be sure. If so, the 3 liter needs to have the t-belt removed and you really should replace it, don't use it again. If the truck has worn out it's water pump, then it's time for a belt anyway. if the belt has had coolant on it, it's ruined, they just don't last once they get coolant contamination.
Next thing, very important, don't mark a t-belt, you could lose timing very easlily and damage your engine if you make a mistake. No pro would do it that way if he's any good. The right way and the way that's foolpoof is to turn the engine to the timing where all the timing marks line up. Remove the old belt at that time and don't turn anything (cams, crankshaft, etc.). If anything gets moved off mark, carefully turn it back carefully so as not to damage anything. I recommend you be sure the tensioner pulleys are OK, and it's a good time to replace the crankshaft seal. If you do choose to reuse the old belt, inspect it carefully. You can't afford to have a belt failure because the engine could be seriously damaged. I wouldn't ever reuse a used t-belt unless I absolutely know it was not contaminated and fairly new. Also, I would not guarantee my work and would have the customer sign a waiver for my protection. I might refuse the job anyway if the customer wouldn't go for a new belt during a water pump job.
I agree with Zee Tech, get a manual and read it carefully..
It has a steady drip coming from (I think the water pump)it drips if the the engine is running or not will it drip like that because I've had one go out before on another vehicle and it poured hose looks fine thanks
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Yes, you need to remove the timing belt. I'd strongly suggest to get a good repair manual, read and understand it before you do this job. To avoid problems turn the engine to the TDC (Top Dead Center) position, There are certain marks on the cam and crank pulleys that needs to line up.

You can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here: